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If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19, Medici Kitchen & Bar is your priority list. Recognised by Thailand Tatler for achieving culinary excellence, Medici Kitchen & Bar is selected as one of Thailand’s Best Restaurants every year and recently obtained in 2020. Situated in the enchanting basement of Hotel Muse Bangkok, this Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 in Bangkok has always been a gourmet landmark within the boutique hotel on Langsuan Road. Named after the noble Medici family, or the House of Medici, this best Italian restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine, from traditional fare to rare indulgences. As multiple award-winning Italian restaurants in Bangkok, Medici shines the spotlight on Italian’s authentic cuisine at its best.


Traditional & Authentic Italian Cuisine

At Medici Kitchen & Bar, an Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19, we see the appeal of Italian cooking in the usage of simple technical with few ingredients and transforming them into star dishes. For examples, the perfect homemade pasta is crafted with easy flour and egg. With various dietary requirements in mind, our Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 in Bangkok serves up a wide selection of heartwarming pastas and risottos. While meat lovers will definitely enjoy our Rossini, cooked to perfection served with foie gras and topped with black truffle tantaligingly, the seafood pasta is simply not to miss for seafood lovers, vegetarian or vegan as well just to name a few.

Helmed by an executive chef Giuliano Berta, Medici Kitchen & Bar showcases its own classic recipes made with the freshest ingredients. On the menu of this Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19, you’ll find a lush array of Italian favourites. Combining homegrown produce and modern culinary techniques, chef Giuliano Berta crafts simple staple, as well as intriguing flavour combinations. Each dish is carefully curated to tantalise your taste buds and pique your palate. Medici Kitchen & Bar is an Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 in Bangkok that serves up a mouthwatering collection of Italian flavours.

Classic Meets Elegant Touches

The moment you step into this subterranean eatery, you’ll notice how it’s completed with an elegant mix of European style and Asian touches inspired by the King Rama V Era. The rouge reds bricks and chocolate blue décor are complemented by the cool iron details and candlelit dinner tables. This Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 will transport you back to the dreamy yesteryears of Italy with its refined sophistication and rustic charm.


Boasting a neo-industrial design yet sophisticated look, Medici Kitchen & Bar is a spacious, airy dining room features with a high roof, warm brick walls, blue and dark hardwood furnishings. While this Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 is theatrical with its open kitchen, it is also understated in terms of design. It plays with sleek lines, intriguing art objects and antique furniture to create a seductive atmosphere. The designer has softened the look with padded leather or velvet and uses dramatic lighting to enhance the mood. There is a windy staircase, a cool bar concept and an authentic barbecue pit, which all combine to add spectacle to this Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Against the illuminated lightbox, you’ll see the colourful silhouettes of the selection of liqueurs. Designed to be a relaxing and fun space, the bar lounge area is perfect for tangy aperitivo and tasty tapas to share. For those looking for a more intimate dining experience, there are two private rooms entitled Caterina and Lorenzo available for booking.


Aside from an open-kitchen concept, Medici Kitchen & Bar adds theatre elements to the dining experience by introducing live music and entertainment performances on a regular basis. Infused with delightful surprises, Medici Kitchen & Bar is a signature Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Nestled within Hotel Muse Bangkok, Medici is designed to tell a unique story through creative, gastronomic flavours. Whether you are looking to plan a romantic candlelit dinner, a private gathering with friends and family or a simple business lunch, our Italian restaurant in Bangkok fits the bill. From carefully crafted cuisines to live entertainment programs, Medici Kitchen & Bar offers an unforgettable dining experience and Italian restaurant to go after Covid-19 a perfect place to be.

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