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Set lunch offer in Chidlom

Babette’s The Steakhouse

Situated on the 19th floor of Hotel Muse Bangkok, Babette’s The Steakhouse is a Chicago-style steakhouse that evokes the sentiments of a retro-American restaurant. When you step foot into Babette’s, you’ll notice the black and royal purple accents, floor-to-ceiling windows and tall upholstered armchairs. Drawing inspiration from the classic 1920s, Babette’s uses bold colours and bevelled mirrors to echo the feelings of yesteryears. Sink into the comforts of your seat and allow Babette’s to transport you to a different era. At Babette’s, we do not only offer some of the most exquisite cuts, but also the best set lunch offers in Chidlom.


A convenient, central location

Babette’s The Steakhouse is nestled in the treelined neighbourhood of Chidlom, making it easily accessible for business and leisure travellers as well as local residents who work in the area. After savouring Babette’s set lunch offer in Chidlom, diners can also take advantage of our complimentary shuttles to Central Chidlom and BTS SkyTrain Station. This is all thanks to the convenient location of Hotel Muse Bangkok, allowing you to travel to key sightseeing destinations and main business districts, such as Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom Saphan Taksin and Chao Phraya River, with ease.


The best-set lunch offer in Chidlom

Nowhere in Bangkok are set lunches taken more seriously than Babette’s The Steakhouse. And with a mix of great options, Babette’s set lunch offer in Chidlom takes into various dietary requirements into consideration. To satisfy every discerning palate, you can select from three different options in every course. In other words, you can choose from three appetizers, three mains and three desserts. For instance, the main course lets you select from fish, poultry and red meat. The flexibility and selection allow you to mix and match every time you visit Babette’s, ensuring every whim is fulfilled. Moreover, the two- and three-course set lunch offers in Chidlom are offered at the price of THB 290++ and THB 390++.



A Tasteful selection of appetizers

At Babette’s The Steakhouse, the two- and three-course set lunch offer in Chidlom is equally as sumptuous as a dining experience. For starters, the menu features a classic French onion soup with gruyere cheese and garlic crouton. With robust flavours and smooth melting qualities, the soup is an aromatic sip to kick-start the meal. Alternatively, the Caesar salad would make a tasty appetizer. A mix of fresh, crisp lettuce tossed in a creamy dressing; the salad is a delight. For those who would prefer to begin with a delicious yet health-conscious starter, the superfood salad is a no-brainer. It is a lovely curation of mixed leaves, quinoa, edamame beans, avocado and pomegranate.


An array of memorable mains

After the first course, the second will be served right away. The set lunch offer in Chidlom showcases three exciting mains. Pescatarians will be delighted to see the traditional fish and chips on the menu. At Babette’s The Steakhouse, the fish and chips consist of batter-coated cod fillets. Combining the freshest ingredients with expert culinary techniques, you can count on tasting delicate, tender flaky fish, which are puffed up with a crisp coat of tasty batter. Accompanied with classic potato wedges, mashed peas and tartar sauce, the fish and chips would make a great lunch option. On the other hand, the grilled baby chicken with French beans and roasted baby carrots is a good choice, too. Tender and delicious, half of the entire chicken is served for lunch. Make sure you’re hungry to select this main. Lastly, with an extra THB 90, you may select the seared beef tenderloin option. The succulent steak comes with roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic shallots and a charming peppercorn sauce.



Dessert is a must to some of us. Our set lunch offer in Chidlom takes that into consideration by offering three irresistible options. The Valrhona chocolate fondant is a breathtaking showstopper. Valrhona is often referred to as the chocolate of choice for connoisseurs. The chocolate fondant is best described as a chocolate lava cake with a molten centre. Served with a scoop of cool-scented lemongrass ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel, the dessert will hit all the right spots. A classic mascarpone cheesecake is also on the menu for those who enjoy a firm-textured cheesecake. The velvet-smooth cake is accompanied with a tangy mixed berry compete and raspberry ice cream. The fruity components keep this cheesecake from being too hefty for lunch. Alternatively, you may indulge in a seasonal selection of ice cream and sorbets as your last course at Babette’s The Steakhouse.


A Speedy, sumptuous set lunch

Serving gourmet food in two- and three-course meals in a stellar time record, this set lunch offer in Chidlom ensures lunch is served promptly. Babette’s The Steakhouse understands that lunch hours are precious. Time is everything. And we plan to make every minute count in this singular dining experience. However, the expert culinary team makes every effort to make this lunch hour magical without compromising quality. For instance, our culinary team at Babette’s prepares the onion soup from scratch. While we take the time to create the soup stock in-house and simmer it with finely chopped onions for hours, the onion soup is served within minutes to your table. We take care of every small detail to ensure you have the most memorable dining experience at Babette’s The Steakhouse.




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