Bangkok Rooftop Bar, The Speakeasy at Hotel Muse Bangkok

The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar


A Bangkok rooftop bar called The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar has taken up residence on the roof of Hotel Muse Bangkok. Located on the 24th and 25th of the boutique hotel, the Bangkok rooftop bar features panoramic views from its al fresco sky garden and Asian-fusion cuisines. While Bangkok has long had an excellent bar scene, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar sets a new standard for other hotel bars to follow. The Bangkok rooftop bar is essentially a cocktail-centric spot offering creative, delectable drinks and the city’s top bar talent. As a high-profile destination cocktail bar, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar has become a place where locals and visitors seek for a well-crafted classic, as well as innovative concoctions that cannot be found elsewhere in Bangkok.

The growing presence of the Bangkok rooftop bar has attracted many cocktail connoisseurs, industry insiders and savvy travelers to try what the buzz is all about. Inspired by the prohibition era in the 1920s, the iconic Bangkok rooftop bar a multi-level bar that draws inspirations from the hidden bars from the yesteryears of America. The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar captures a particular and peculiar essence of our City of Angels — let it be sweet, sour or bitter. Peaked with a golden dome against the midnight sky, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar is perched on a steep rise with antique touches and sky-high balconies.

Designed to resemble a hidden nook for artists and poets of the olden days, the Bangkok rooftop bar features plush sofa seating, soft candlelight on hardwood furnishings and tremendous views of Bangkok city. Ever since The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar has opened in the hotel, it immediately attracted attention from local sippers thanks to the MGallery Collection’s reputation and for the Bangkok rooftop bar’s rooftop location with views of central Bangkok and the bustling, sophisticated district of Chidlom.

Aside from an impressive and in-depth craft cocktail experience, the al fresco Bangkok rooftop bar offers small canapes as well as daytime drinking. For those who appreciate top-quality Cuban cigars will be thrilled to know that there are three private rooms at our Bangkok rooftop bar. You can feel free to book in advance and indulge in a puff and a sip in utmost privacy and exclusivity.

The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar showcases all kinds of cocktails, from tangy and refreshing to sweet and captivating. To add to the atmosphere of the American prohibition era, we rolled out a brand-new collection of cocktails named The Speakeasy Sips. Dedicated to Gladys Louise Smith, who is well-known for her role as Mary Pickford, The Girl with the Curls is a mix of Bulleit Bourbon, sweet maraschino liqueur-infused with chamomile tea, pineapple honey shrub, homemade grenadine and a touch of lemon. The Six Revive is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation on the Corpse Reviver, which is created to honor the famous Harry Craddock. The concoction promises to revive you with a swirl of vermouth, gin, Cointreau-infused coffee beans and aromatics of citrus and rose.

In celebrating the American businessman and gangster Al Capone, who is commonly known as Scarface, the cocktail showcases a tempered sweetness from the saffron-infused dry vermouth, as well as a strong edge from the Fernet Branca and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserved. A cheer to Fitzgerald, the White Flapper is a refreshing sip swirled with Don Julio Blanco tequila, white wine, vermouth and a dash of orange bitters, and topped with soda. Lastly, Papa Earnest is a twist of Ernest Hemingway’s beloved daiquiri with no sugar and two shots of rum. It consists of Zacapa Rum aged 23 years, port wine, fresh tomato juice and strawberry syrup, giving this classic a new twist. Our Bangkok rooftop bar also focuses on unique gin creations. With an extensive Gin Library, the Bangkok rooftop bar has a collection of 70 different premium gins from around the world. In catering to each and every discerning palate, the Gin Library offers a lush selection of various gins and tonic with differing infusions.

Gins and tonic are not the sole offerings at our Bangkok rooftop bar there is also a wide array of craft cocktails that are inspired by Bangkok, highlighting local spirits from how own home country Thailand. For example, there is a collection of cocktails made with Chalong Bay rum. This includes a thirst-quenching Lemongrass Mojito, which is a mix of locally distilled rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, mint leaves and a splash of soda water. The Shake the Passion is a tangy concoction made of basil-infused rum, raw honey, lime and passion fruit. Those who are seeking for something out of the ordinary can try the Wasabi Martini, which is composed of gin-infused green tea, elderflower, a touch of wasabi and lime.

While you indulge in various classic and creative cocktails, you can also order a selection of Asian-fusion small plates such as garlic prawn and juicy burger sliders. The food menu at our Bangkok rooftop bar is designed for friends and family to share, encouraging diners to nibble and mingle in a warm and cozy setting. With many special offers, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar invites new and loyal diners to check out the discounted deals and book online.



"A Bangkok Rooftop Bar like no other in Bangkok"

Experience The Speakeasy at Hotel Muse Bangkok for yourself and see why everyone is talking about the Speakeasy!

"A Rooftop Bar with Style and Sophistication"

bended with some of Bangkok’s best cocktails overlooking a panoramic Bangkok Skyline

Meet the mixologist

Mr. Lersak Jamkadsin - Mixologist

Mr. Lersak Jamkadsin is a highly skilled mixologist with a comprehensive knowledge of classic cocktails, and a flair for creating new and exciting concoctions.

Passionate about the art of the cocktail, Lersak holds certificates from prestigious organizations such as Diageo Thailand, the Bole Academy, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and many more.

At Hotel Muse Bangkok, Lersak will ensure that guests can enjoy an exceptional selection of classic and contemporary cocktails, each mixed using premium quality ingredients.

Our mixologist Lersak Jamkadsin
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